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About GreyWolfCollars...

Welcome to GreyWolfCollars.  We are a small home-based business.  I've been making dog collars since 2008 when I brought home my first foster Greyhound, LexiLu.  As anyone that has Greyhounds knows, you can never have too many collars!.  Since I wanted to help out our local Greyhound Adoption group, not only did I foster but I started making martingale collars for our group to raise money.

There is a distinct lack of cute and fun  big-dog collars on the market, and having Mastiffs of my own, I branched out to make the larger sizes too.  I will custom make the collars to your dog's neck size, just let me know the size.

Occasionally I am contacted to donate some of our collars to rescue and breed clubs.  I am happy to donate, but I do need time as I don't often have 'stock' collars laying around.  Each collar is made when the client orders it.  So, if you are wanting a few collars to be donated for your rescue or club organization, please allow me at least 3 to 4 months.  I have a full time job working as a veterinary assistant/technician and also have a child as well as our menagerie of pets.


Happy shopping and thanks for stopping by!

 ~ Lisa


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